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about me

I Am An Adult Entertainer Going through My Spiritual Awakening. Balancing Both the Physical and the Spiritual Energy. Balancing the opposites…. Your Expression of intimacy and Oneness.  We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience Allow Me to Add Value To Your Day

Born November 1976 N Chicago, I am a Scorpio/Dragon.

Soul Walk-in Date Dec 4, 2013

From Mistress to Balancetress

“TheBalancetress”   I Didnt Brand my name, I Branded my Energy!

Iam Energy    We Are Energy

Iam the Energy of , Self-Reserection, Inner n outter Balance, Peace,  Distruction, Restoration, Alignment With Self

Iam a Energy Coach: Self Healing , Self Reserection

Continue With Me to See What My Wisdom and Experience Will Do for You.